Mese: Maggio 2020

Token distribution & Fund allocation

We have found that the investor protection system is not enough to push the price of currency upwards and that we must expand the use of the EANTO token. We are working to make EANTO accepted as payment in some environmental and biological sites, we are working to provide many products and services.

We want to implement the multi-currency wallet is to sell, buy and exchange EANTO at the same price equal to or greater than the pre-ICO price.

• Send & receive EANTO.

• Store and manage your EANTO.

• Exchange EANTO to others  cryptocurrency with low fees.

• View balance, see transaction history.

  • List on various exchanges.

We work hard to list our token in different exchanges; we plan to list our token in at least 2 exchanges.

We want to develop an API payment gateway.

This gateway allows websites to easily accept EANTO as payment.

• Easy integration, no programming required.

• Get payments straight to your wallet.

• Global, anonymous, zero risk,.

  • Token distribution & Fund allocation
  • Token distribution:

60% Token sales: Public sales.

18%: Team.

22% Reserve: Safety reserve not for sale.

90% liquidity reserve: Used to maintain the price of the Token equal to or greater than the price of the Pre-ICO price.

7% Business development: Research and running cost of the business, mobile application development, wallet application development, and development payment gateway allow any website to accept EANTO.

3% Marketing: Marketing and listing in exchanges.